Atlanta Team Retains National High School Computer Competition Title

Season's Greatings
Season’s Greatings

ATLANTA  (bdpatoday)—BDPA’s High School Computer Competition (HSCC) team from Atlanta, Georgia successfully defended their National HSCC title  by out-dueling BDPA-DC and BDPA Central Illinois for 2016’s top three national scholarship awards. Up to $35,000 in scholarships with immediate opportunities to apply for paid internships directly with National BDPA’s industry partners are available to HSCC finalists.

jesse-conf08-GalaThe National High School Computer Competition (HSCC), powered by BDPA, was founded in 1986 by Dr. Jesse L. Bemley (inset), a National BDPA Life Member from Washington, D.C. What started 30 years ago as a two-team event between Washington, D.C. (BDPA-DC) and Atlanta, GA (BDPA Atlanta) HSCC teams, has grown to over 20 teams of high school student finalists from BDPA chapters throughout the nation.

BDPA Washington, D.C. HSCC Team | 2016 National HSCC Second Place Finalists


For the last two years, the number one and number two seeds were BDPA Atlanta and BDPA-DC respectively.  BDPA-DC won their latest National HSCC title in 2014. BDPA Atlanta’s HSCC Coordinator is three-time BDPA Oracle Scholar Francisco Nunez, a distinguished BDPA HSCC alumnus and Morehouse College graduate.

National BDPA’s Central Illinois Chapter (BDPA-CIL) Chapter was chartered August 12th, 2003 as a non-profit organization serving Central Illinois communities.Chapter activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Hosting a High School Computer Camp (HSCC) and an IT Showcase for Central IL residents
  • High school and college student participation in National BDPA competitions
  • Public educational program meetings covering topics ranging from new trends across ICT industries to tech career and personal development
  • Community outreach programs and distribution of computers or notebook PCs to needy organizations

BDPA Central Illinois HSCC Team | 2016 National HSCC Third Place Finalists

Above, BDPA Central IL Chapter President Marcus Barbee, BDPA Lifetime Member Theonnie Shields,  HSCC team and HSCC coordinator with 2016 National BDPA HSCC finalists from BDPA Central Illinois.

Next year’s National HSCC events for 2017 will be in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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BDPA photos by Charlie Perkins