BDPA Huntsville hosts Spring Technology Showcase

Season's Greatings
Season’s Greatings

HUNTSVILLE, AL — On a beautiful Saturday morning, the Huntsville Chapter of BDPA (BDPA-HSV) hosted a Spring Technology showcase. At the event several BDPA members engaged with young students in Huntsville sharing new technologies and trends within their community.

The event kicked off with speaker Patricia King discussing many accomplishments and struggles throughout her career as an African-American female engineer. Mrs. King also discussed how pneumatics work and taught a hands-on application using Legos. During the second part of the showcase, BDPA-HSV member Casandra Nealy showcased the Lego EV3 Robot with its various configurations and functionalities.

hsv-2After a brief intermission, Bernard Nealy, Casandra’s father and BDPA-HSV member, started off the third segment of the technology showcase by displaying large hardware and software capabilities of the small Raspberry Pi computer. The showcase concluded with a cybersecurity briefing by BDPA-HSV members Claudia Williams and Sylvia Archie, who are both Certified Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Analysts for the United States Army.

Upon closing, Vice President  of Technology Rosalind McCullough and Vice President of Business Strategy and Planning, Steton Walker, engaged with student discussions about embracing their dreams and striving for success in whatever fields they desire to pursue. Networking and socializing went very well among parents, chapter members, and students. BDPA-HSV will have several new technology events in the near future.

The chapter also will host its first annual golf tournament during Earth Day Weekend on April 20th, 2018. For more information on future events visit

— Source and photos: Jason Bradshaw
BDPA Huntsville 

BDPA Huntsville 2018 Annual Golf Tournament

BDPA (formerly known as Black Data Processing Associates) of Greater Huntsville is presenting its 1st Annual Golf Tournament on April 20, 2018, at the Sunset Landing Golf Course. This event is structured to help support BDPA’s High School Computer Competition (HSCC), Scholarships, and fund technical programs needed to execute the Chapter’s tasks to meet community objectives with corporate stakeholders and mission partners.

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