Howard University and Google Launch ‘Howard West’


WASHINGTON—Howard University announced in partnership with Google the launch of Howard West, a three-month, summer Computer Science residency for rising juniors and seniors in the University’s Computer Science program. The residency includes a dedicated workspace on Google’s Mountain View campus and a generous stipend to cover housing and other expenses in Silicon Valley.


BDPA-DC Members and BDPA Student Members at Howard University share success stories with faculty and corporate board members during this month’s quarterly Department Advisory Board Meeting for the Department of Information Systems & Supply Chain Management.  — Photo credit: BDPA-DC 2017 © bdpatoday


The announcement serves as the realization of Howard University President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick’s vision of expanding Howard’s presence to the West Coast. It is also a major step forward for Google’s efforts to recruit and retain diverse technical talent.

“Howard West will produce hundreds of industry-ready Black computer science graduates, future leaders with the power to transform the global technology space into a stronger, more accurate reflection of the world around us,” said Frederick. “We envisioned this program with bold outcomes in mind – to advance a strategy that leverages Howard’s high quality faculty and Google’s expertise, while also rallying the tech industry and other thought leaders around the importance of diversity in business and the communities they serve.”

Howard and Google’s longstanding partnership with the Google in Residence (GIR) program was the foundation for Howard West. Since GIR embeds Google engineers as faculty at Howard and other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Howard West was a natural and logical next step. The program connects the geographical, academic and cultural divide between declaring a major in Computer Science and landing a job in tech.

“During my time at Howard, I worked side-by-side with future lawyers, doctors, writers, entertainers, architects and business leaders. The spirit of total possibility put me on my path to Harvard Business School and ultimately Google,” said Bonita Stewart, Google’s Vice President of Global Partnerships. “Howard West will continue Howard’s tradition of providing unprecedented access to opportunity, only now with a presence in the heart of Silicon Valley.”


Regional teams formed for Howard University’s third annual weekend hack-a-thon.  Students from DC area colleges, universities, community colleges, and local vocational tech schools participated in #HUHacks, which opened March 24, 2017 at the University’s Business School. — Photo credit: BDPA-DC 2017 © bdpatoday 

Google credits Howard for the vision and groundwork to make the program happen, explaining that for many, the University’s name represents the prestige and importance of the entire body of HBCUs. HBCUs proportionally generate the largest number of Black Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) college graduates in the United States and have significantly improved Google’s intern diversity hiring.

Although the amount of new hires this program will generate is undetermined, within five years, 740 students will have matriculated. Howard West will serve the entire tech ecosystem – not just Google. For the University, this is another opportunity to provide innovative, world-class learning experiences to its students, preparing them for work and leadership in the community.  Students will obtain 12 credits toward graduation as instruction through an immersion curriculum as part of the program.

#HUHacks’ sizzle reel captured a few sights and sounds from the weekend’s events.

Cover photo: (L-R) Bonita Stewart, VP of Global Partnerships at Google, and Dr. Wayne Frederick, president of Howard University.
Source: Howard University
Cover Photo: Justin Sullivan/Google,  Insets: BDPA-DC
Crystal Brown, Howard University and Ty Sheppard, Google; contributed to this article
Video: Popular Technology TV (PTTV).


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