Here is why the NAACP wants you to boycott Facebook


BALTIMORE, MD—NAACP remains concerned about data breaches and numerous privacy mishaps that tech giants have encountered in recent years, and is especially critical about those which occurred during the latest image2presidential election campaigns.

According to the NAACP, Facebook’s commitment to the Honest Ads Act – an act that would mandate that political ads be clearly labeled as such – was a good first step towards reconciliation of their gross negligence – however; NAACP feels much more needs to done to ensure that African Americans will not unfairly bear the brunt of Facebook’s business model.

In March 2018, press reports revealed that Cambridge Analytica, a British big data firm, gained access to the personal information of 87 million Facebook users without the users’ consent. The misuse of data of 87 million users was negligent at best and exploitative at worst.

Earlier this year, the National Fair Housing Alliance filed a lawsuit alleging that “Facebook continues to enable landlords and real estate brokers to bar families with children, women, and others from receiving rental and sales ads for housing. Facebook has created a pre-populated list of demographics, behaviors, and interests that make it possible for housing advertisers to exclude certain home seekers from ever seeing their ads.”

NAACP’s understanding of recent revelations, that Facebook hired an opposition research firm and their work with other deeply partisan strategy firms, calls into question notions that Facebook operates with a non-partisan view.  To discover more or continue the dialogue about these concerns, visit

— Source and images: NAACP


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