It’s Not a Pipeline Problem

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Your company struggles with finding diverse talent; it’s not a pipeline problem. It’s a buy-in, bias, branding and business case problem. Unconscious bias is like an odorless gas; it affects everyone, everywhere all the time. It is not a problem humans can solve without augmented intelligence.  Blendoor tackles bias with great design, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and people analytics.

blendoor2Blendoor has deep expertise in enterprise software as a service (SaaS), diversity and inclusion (D&I), machine learning (ML), and a passion for creating technology that makes an impact.  The company aggregates diverse talent from multiple sources to broaden talent search and then uses blind review and analytics to mitigate unconscious bias ‘from source to hire.’

Today, Blendoor is revolutionizing the way people see people. They understand the significant impact of unconscious bias in our day-to-day world and for them, hiring is just the tip of the iceberg. The America of today and tomorrow is very different than it was at the turn of the century. Demographics are rapidly changing and so are priorities. People want to know that they are represented and the companies they work for are both progressive and inclusive spaces.

Though we know the term diversity can be interpreted in several ways,  Blendoor focused specifically on diversity of gender, race, ability, and sexual orientation when aggregating data for its latest product, BlendScore. Companies were scored and ranked based on their respective diversity and inclusion efforts to help job-seekers find where they truly belong. Discover more at

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H.O.P.E. Project DMV Students Capture 2015 President’s Award

| President’s Award

Here is Alishia’s story

I was born and raised in Riggs Park in Northeast Washington, D.C. I graduated from McKinley Tech High School in 2007. I am the mother of a beautiful son who is autistic and inspires me every day to work even harder. Before the hope project I was working retail and at Giant Foods. I also had different summer jobs but nothing that was taking me anywhere.

After completing training with the H.O.P.E. Project, I don’t just have a job but a new career in IT. While in the H.O.P.E. Project I received my A+ Certification and got my first IT help desk job working for the FDA. This year I studied and received both my Network+ and Security+ certifications.

I also started a new job working at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a Mid- Level Service Desk Analyst. I am currently studying for my System Security Certified Professional certification and plan on going back to school in January in hopes of soon transitioning into the cybersecurity side of IT.

Video ► H.O.P.E. Project’s Super Saturday vignette featuring ‘ Harvard of the Hood‘ and original H.O.P.E. themed rap song from Archie Bunka.

Kapor Capital Invests $100K in three People -Ops Start-Ups

Stephanie Lampkin
Stephanie Lampkin | Blendoor Founder and CEO —

OAKLAND, CA — Kapor Capital, in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs and Village Capital, hosted a pitch competition yesterday (11.10.15) in Oakland, California, for startups that are working on revamping the old-school human resources industry and on technology to mitigate bias in the hiring process.

Blendoor‬ was among latest winning startups. Read more

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