Ai down on the farm at CES

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LAS VEGAS, NV — This year’s CES was huge for John Deere. Located on the lower level of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall within the artificial intelligence (AI) section, attendees had opportunities to speak with Deere’s team and see up close and personal intricate technologies today’s farmers are using to supply and feed us – from sensors to AI, GIS, GPS, and 5G connectivity.

CES attendees previewed what John Deere calls their “interconnected factory on wheels” on this year’s show floor. Attendees also saw the ‘big green tractor’ driving around one of the CES lots with advanced automated technology.

deere-stoneWhat’s next for Deere?  John Stone (right) is senior vice president at Deere and leads the company’s Intelligent Solutions Group. He says farmers today need to contend with a lot of challenges stemming from a growing population and unpredictable weather.

At the same time, they are seeing an increase in urbanization with a decrease in arable land and skilled workers in rural areas. In a recent article from CTA, Stone emphasized Deere’s goals revolve around their farmer customers. Deere strives to bring leading edge technologies for solving problems and capturing new opportunities that will make Deere customers the most profitable and sustainable farmers in the world.

Deere’s global growth is not simply rooted in products, but in bringing connectivity to rural areas in South America, Africa and India so that their technology works. Tavonga Siyavora (above, cover photo), Program Manager at Deere, shares these success stories with CES 2019 attendees. Last year, Deere surpassed a significant milestone of having their precision agriculture technology adopted in more than 100 countries and Deere has over 100 million acres engaged in their digital ecosystem.

Today, 25 percent of the world’s arable land is being farmed with Deere technology.

— Sources: CTA and John Deere
Photos: (Top) CTA and bdpatoday (at CES 2019)



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