BDPA Members Talk Tech & Disruption in Philly for Tech Week


PHILADELPHIA, PA—How does one change the way we think about business? How does one keep up with constantly changing markets in software-defined ecosystems? How can one utilize new technologies to launch, grow, and sustain a new company?


In today’s world these are the questions that people be asking in business and technology and these questions were the bases of this week’s Accelerate PHL Fireside Chat dialogue with Earl A. Pace, Jr., Co-founder of BDPA and Owner of Pace Data Systems and Rodney Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of LISNR, one of the most disruptive new technology companies in the world of mobile connectivity.

Fireside Chat speakers: “Disrupting the Status Quo
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Earl a Pace, Jr.  and  Rodney Williams

Accelerate PHL partners with community, educational, and professional institutions and organizations to discover essential components to stimulate connection and provide resources.  In this article, they remind readers change is always happening. Widespread, nonstop innovation is impacting every aspect of our life. One sees the Internet of Everything (IoE) transforming every industry around where people are trying to determine their roles, what they can do, how they can participate, and an urgent need to learn and maximize their positions inside tremendous change. The Acceleration Summit was designed to give immediate tools, skills, connections and knowledge to be better-positioned to win and to empower people through entrepreneurship.

Establishing stronger tools, attracting talent and building a more-defined pathway for entrepreneurs and new ventures is mission-critical for Philadelphia. Presently, Philadelphia is ranked 34th in Start-Up Activity, 17th in Main Street Entrepreneurship, and 21st in Growth Entrepreneurship according to the Kauffman Foundation. In other words, compared to other NFL/MLB cities, Philadelphia is near-bottom with statistics that matter most in our Innovation Economy.

To compete in the Innovation Economy, we must immediately work-together to make Philadelphia stronger for entrepreneurs and start-up companies in all industries.

Stated in the Kauffman reports, “entrepreneurs flourish in a connected, dense, and diverse ecosystem where they can move quickly to take advantage of opportunities.”

The Acceleration Summit showcased the disruption that is occurring in the local economy in artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR),  and robotics.

— Source: Accelerate PHL
Disruption & Diversity In Technology
May 2, 2017 @ WeWork / Philadelphia
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