Washington launches an Inclusive Innovation Incubator for Small Businesses

Season's Greatings
Season’s Greatings

WASHINGTON—Aaron Saunders, CEO of Luma Lab‘s parent company, Clearly Innovative, Inc., is National BDPA‘s Washington, D.C. Chapter (BDPA-DC) 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year.

aaron-bdc16This week, the Inclusive Innovation Incubator [In3] operated by Clearly Innovative’s Luma Lab,  launches as the District of Columbia’s first community space focused on inclusion, innovation and incubation. The incubator is committed to creating a collaborative environment where under-resourced members have direct and indirect access to workspaces and services needed to firmly establish, build, and grow successful businesses.


In3, housed at Howard University, will continue to receive advice and guidance from both the District of Columbia via the Mayor’s administration and Howard University, but In3’s staff will operate independently.

This week, the new Inclusive Innovation Incubator celebrates its Week of Welcome as it aims to attract more minority entrepreneurs working on startups serving underrepresented communities.  During In3’s Week of Welcome (#In3WoW), BDPA-DC is co-sponsoring DENT Education’s Start-Up Garage, a week long youth coding program during Spring Break and BDPA-DC also is co-hosting Earth Day Tech Summit events with bdpatoday April 21-22, 2017 during Earth Day weekend with the Inclusive Innovation Incubator.


Since 1986, National BDPA’s nationally renowned high school coding competitions and HSCC Programs continue to provide our nation with more junior developers (Jr. Devs), Interns, and start-up CEOs to tech industry pipelines, accelerators, or new incubators such as In3.

In3 will improve the business landscape in the District of Columbia by providing their new members with the right tools and access to financial, technical and professional resources.

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