New Museum’s Chief Digital Officer Highlights Digital Media and Content

WASHINGTON (bdpatoday)—President Barack Obama, the first family, BDPA executives, and media outlets got an early look yesterday, September 14, 2016, inside the new National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) before its grand opening.

During Media Preview Day, the museum’s Chief Digital Officer, Adam Martin, provided an exclusive interview to bdpatoday and Popular Technology TV (PTTV) where he highlights the facility’s new infrastructure, latest technologies, unique internships, and career opportunities in digital imaging, embedding metadata into digital images, and federating content across the museum’s Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) and Enterprise Digital Asset Network (EDAN).

Martin also discussed with BDPA, broader engagements with local BDPA chapter cities and communities to assist members with curating BDPA events, capturing historical technologies, and new innovations.  NMAAHC also will launch digitizing services to preserve content from earlier media formats such as reel-to-reel 8-mm tapes, floppy disks, VHS cartridges, recordable CDs and DVDs.


(L-R) Keith Scott, BDPA, and Adam Martin, NMAAHC, discuss on-prem digital content, data visualization, and curating mobile apps during the Smithsonian’s Media Preview Day.
—Photo credit: bdpatoday

Established more than a decade ago, it has been accumulating artifacts and collectibles to tell the story of America through the African-American lens. America’s newest Smithsonian museum will open next Saturday, September, 24, 2016.

AP reports the president will deliver remarks at the dedication ceremony. Officials are bracing for very large crowds in the museum’s opening days.  The museum contains about 85,000 square feet of exhibition space on five floors. It has nearly 3,000 objects and 12 exhibitions, along with 183 videos.

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