Azure captures Predix: GE and Microsoft CEO’s announce new deal


Microsoft’s Azure cloud wins a high-profile new customer—GE

by Jon Fortt  |  CNBC

TORONTO, ON—In their latest reveal, Microsoft hopes that when GE’s Predix becomes available on Azure next year, its longtime industrial customers will be more likely to adopt Azure. Microsoft also intends to make its other cloud offerings, including Office365, Dynamics, and Cortana, work well with Predix.

jonfortt-cnbcThis announcement puts a spotlight on GE’s software ambitions. The industrial giant projects $6 billion in digital revenue in 2016 and has targeted $15 billion by 2020.

At the center of that effort: GE’s Predix. It aims to securely link industrial equipment to the internet, to both boost its performance and lower its operating costs.

Sources: CNBC and
Cover photo credit: Microsoft/IDGNS

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