CES2018: Youth = The Future of Technology

damisha-proBy DaMisha Brown

LAS VEGAS, NV — For young people who are willing to move just as fast or faster than technology itself, CES is where you should be. But, “Why?”

Technology is always moving rapidly into the future. What once needed man-power has become electronically made easier for us to market better and faster.

For over a decade, bdpatoday has shared the world’s latest tech creations with small businesses, Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). However, in order to share, one must go to where technology and our futures meet, at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, for over 50 years this global event is a gathering place where many who are affected by technology can network, learn and push technology to the next level, all within an exciting and action-packed week.

Who does technology affect? It affects any social media navigator, content creator, entrepreneur, small business owner, video producer, photographer, freelance writer or college graduate. Young people are affected by technology.

With technology constantly moving, young people are regularly the first to test a new invention’s fate: success or failure.

For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise. It was the biggest discussion of CES2018.  Young people use AI to help navigate to new destinations with Siri, play their favorite tunes at home with Alexa, search the web with Cortana or use Samsung’s new assistant and latest AI invention “Bixby” to remind them of what the next day holds.


— Photo Credit: Twitter

Young people may not be the predominate creators of new technology, but, they promote the path of a new invention as a need for the future or a one-time convenience.

How far technology can go is in the hands of its fastest critics, young people. It’s their call, being a group of great travelers and closer to what is current, to tell creators “This works!”, or “This could be better”.


International DJ Val Fleury (@iamValFleury pictured to the right) showcased her musical skills playing for Intel among our CES2018 fun and infotainment. Fleury is Los Angeles based and quickly became noticed for her style and diverse sounds. She is featured during our credits on bdpatoday‘s CES2018 sizzle reel now airing on your Popular Technology TV (PTTV) YouTube Channel.

Photo Credit: @iamValFleury

Young people, get active, get involved and be present next January at CES2019. YOU hold the future of tech!  Send it forward.

—Source: CES2018 and cover photo credit: Intel




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BDPA Returns to CES: #CES2018

LAS VEGAS, NV—CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. A high-level business event that touches all industries, it’s the place where business gets done.

A platform for innovators of all sizes to build their brands, every major technology company on the planet participates in CES in some way — by exhibiting, speaking, sponsoring, attending or holding co-located events and business meetings.

For over ten years, bdpatoday has covered leading tech-inclusion success stories with Industry, BDPA Chapters, and shares them across a wide spectrum of corporate mission partners, small businesses, Historically Black Colleges and Universities  (HBCUs), and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)  during global events such as CES.


Photo  © bdpatoday 2018
(L-R) Paul Lane, ABC News Radio Bureau Chief [KMET]; Jeffrey Joseph, Senior Vice President for Communications & Strategic Relationships, Consumer Technology Association (CTA); and Perry Carter, President BDPA Washington, share moments between keynotes and interviews during CES2018 Media Day events and CES Unveiled Las Vegas prior to this year’s opening events.

CES 2018
January 9-12, 2018
Las Vegas Convention Center


LISNR named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree

This is the second year LISNR® has received this award, following the announcement of the KAB® (Kilo Audio Bit), the first data-over-audio solution to support data transmission speeds of 1,000 bits per second.

The prestigious CES Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, the owner and producer of CES 2018, the global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, and have been recognizing achievements in product design and engineering since 1976. Entries are evaluated on their engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, intended use/function and user value, unique/novel features present and how the design and innovation of the product directly compares to other products in the marketplace. Products chosen as CES Innovation Honorees reflect innovative design and engineering in some of the most cutting-edge tech products and services coming to market.

LISNR®, the global data-over-audio leader, and other Innovation Honoree products were featured during CES.


Photo credit: LISNR
(Photo) Rodney Williams, LISNR Co-Founder and CEO, addresses the audience at CES2018 during a CES Smart Cities panel. Mr. Williams is a Howard University Alumnus and BDPA Member.

Disrupting Diversity: The Inclusion Imperative

An expert panel, powered by Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT), shared how to advance tech careers and highlighted some of industry’s latest workplace research on gender, including the business case for inclusion from growing the corporate bottom line to improving staff morale and providing more innovative solutions.

Disrupting Diversity: The Inclusion Imperative

Photo  © bdpatoday 2018
(L-R) Lynn McMahon, Managing Director, Accenture (Moderator); Patrick Esser, President, COX Communications;  Sandy Howe, SVP & GM, Consumer Products Group, ARRIS; Yvette Kanouff, SVP & GM, Service Provider Business, Cisco; and Vibha Rustagi, Global Head, Digital Video/Digital Marketing/Advertising, Communications, Cognizant.

Federal Government Small Business Investments Showcased at CES

Small business investment programs powered by the Department of Defense (DoD), National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Small Business Administration (SBA) were featured during CES2018.

NSF: America’s SEED FUND

NSF @ CES2018

Photo  © bdpatoday 2018

Congress established DoD’s Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program to provide early-stage R&D funding directly to small companies working cooperatively with researchers at universities and other research institutions.  DoD STTR program is made up of six participating components: Army, Navy, Air Force, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD).

Congress established the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to fund research and development (R&D) by U.S. owned and operated businesses of less than 500 employees. SBIR, the nation’s largest source of early-stage technology financing, is administered by the Small Business Administration through 11 federal agencies and is funded at more than $2 billion annually. DoD accounts for more than half of the federal government’s total SBIR/STTR program.

DOD @ CES2018

Photo  © bdpatoday 2018
(L-R) David Sikora and Chris Walters, DoD SBIR/STTR Programs, with Perry Carter, Publisher, bdpatoday.
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